Thursday, 15 February 2007

God helped me to retrieve lost valuables

Last Tuesday night, I went to the Ikea Store, hoping to buy a couple of tables for my new staffs who are joining us this week.

I went there around 8.30pm and started shopping around for tables as well as some other furnishings that might make my office a little cosier.

Feeling hungry I went to their restaurant on the 2nd floor. There I left my 30Gb ipod which I bought 5 weeks before and my wallet containing my personal cards and documents and approximately S$200 cash.

By then, it was near closing time and I remember going into the washroom and proceeded to the checkout counter.

As I had gotten back over S$30+ change when I bought my dinner, I didn't dig into my back pocket when I boarded the cab. However, only after I alighted from the taxi did I realised the horrifying fact that my ipod and wallet are not with me!

I started calling Ikea's main line, hoping to speak to the operator but it was already closed for the day. Soon, the more I pondered about it, the more panicky I got. When I reached home, I started calling the cab company as well in case it dropped somewhere in the back seat without me noticing. All these attempts were futile. I decided to make a police report to record what happened.

Praise be to God that in the midst of the panicking, I remembered my pastor's refrain of the verse in the gospels to "Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid".

I stopped everything I was doing and prayed for the Lord's intervention. At the same time, I chose to NOT let my heart be troubled but continue to abide in His shalom. My Prince of Peace will see me through.

Reality is that keeping my heart from worrying is the toughest thing I have to do, cos it's against the fallen nature to not worry. But everytime I catch myself worrying, I reminded myself with His Word. His Word is TRUTH!

I asked the Lord to do the impossible- to help me retrieve ALL my lost items - even though I know the chances are next to none that I'll be able to recover them, at least not the ipod and my money. Still I refused to entertain such faithless thoughts, though many times I knew it was futile.

The next morning I was vocalizing that God is faithful but honestly, I felt it was a 'gone-case'.
I was in my crisis management mode and started calling the banks to cancel my cards and made preparations for replacement of my identity cards etc. I decided to go back to Ikea early to check, before they officially open their doors for business.

When I reached there, I spotted a security guard who directed me to their command centre. There, the duty supervisor said they found the wallet and had activated their entire night shift crew to wait at the check-out counters, approaching every possible person to ask their they are "Kevin".

By the time the last customer left, they decided to hand over all the lost and found items, including my ipod and wallet to the nearby police station. The guard tasked to hand over to the police had in fact left just 20 mins before I arrived at Ikea!

What joy I had. It overwhelmed me totally to see how faithful Jesus is, even when I was not so trusting.

Long story short, I got back everything I misplaced, yes, including my ipod and my cash and everything in my wallet. Except that I had to pay for my replacement bank cards....

If only I trust fully in His protection, if only I remember that I am abiding under the shadow of The Almighty...

Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

The Original CuppyCake Song

This is not along the usual threads but just something I thought was very cute. The girl, Amy Castle was only 3 years old back in 1994 but she was very adorable.
Hope you like it. I did and even saved her song onto my mobile phone as a ringtone.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Jesus supplies ALL my needs!

God is so good!

Bible says "the love of money is the root of all evil". But the devil subtly changed it to "money is the root of all evil". It is this wrong phrase that has perpetrated into our way of life when preachers/believer friends/ and people of the world quote without reading carefully from the bible!

And because of this, many Christians (many of whom even hold the offices of deacons, elders and pastors) believe that it is God's will that they should "suffer for the Lord" in their poverty.

Well, all these are lies! God has already suffered and sacrificed, once for all! He died a poor man that we may inherit His inheritance. (He was recorded to have only a piece of purple clothing without seams which the soldiers gambled for).

I too have fallen victim to this lie but it was only in recent years that I was shown the truth! I know I am rich, not the "you'll get your rewards in heaven" kind of spiritual riches but earthly, material, carnal riches as well, for the bible says, just as He is (seated at the Father's right hand in all glory and splendour) so are we in this world!

The Lord revealed to me His plans to make us rich, the importance of tithing to bless and sanctify our income and that "He has given us the power to get wealth".

Recently, I began to worry that money wasn't enough for the coming festivities and bills and things I want to buy etc. I was quickly reminded by the Holy Spirit to "take no thought for tomorrow" and "let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid". I thanked God for the truth in His word and felt led to even tithe another portion of my money (although I've tithed already for the month).

Hey hey hey, what do you know? The Lord blessed the works of my hands and for the month of Dec 2006, I achieved the highest sales figures without even realising it! I got the highest commission in the company ever. It was like a big fat bonus to pay for all the things I need to buy and still have enough for the things I want to buy. Praise the Lord!

It is impossible that the Lord whom you worship, Who owns the cattle of a thousand hills, Who heals the multitudes freely and unconditionally when He was walking on earth 2000 years ago, will allow His people today to live in poverty and sickness.

Remember, He healed all who came to Him to be healed. There were no conditions set before these multitudes-prostitutes, tax collectors, the diseased, the blind, the lame etc. Grace was freely given to one and all. Only the self-righteous Pharasees and religious teachers who boasted of their own self effort couldn't get healed.

Know Jesus in His FULL glory. He didn't save us just so we'll go to Heaven when we die. He gave us MUCH more!!!

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Glory to Jesus!

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

God healed me of my long time knee injury!

This is actually a miracle that happened 4 years ago.

I had always been an active guy, even when in school. Apart from football, anything else that requires me to perspire, I'd be involved. Of course it helped that I was pretty good at some of the sports I took up.

One of which was Tae Kwon Do. In fact, I remember I was only 16 and was about to represent my TKD club in a tournament. During a practice session at a friend's place, I landed awkwardly after attempting a jumping reverse kick... My knee cap popped out of it's socket and back in a split second, but that was enough to send a shooting pain right up my leg. (certainly didn't help that I SAW the popping of my knee cap)

So all through my college, NS days, I was in and out of treatment rooms, alternating between the clinics and Chinese sinsehs but these treatment only brought temporary relief. The doctors at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and SGH actually wanted to operate on it but it was something I wasn't prepared to face. I had to sign the indemnity/release papers for them to let me go. The doctor's parting words were : "You'll have to live with this for the rest of your life if you do not operate."

I never knew the purpose of the communion except that we are to "eat and drink in remembrance of Jesus". So I just remember lor. But I didn't know WHY I should remember Him when taking communion, neither do I know WHAT about Him that I should remember.

It was only when I started attending a new church when the pastor preached that as Christians, we ARE in Christ. So just as He is, so are we in this world! Then, he went on to pronounce that we are already righteous in God's sight! We had taken Jesus' place of righteousness when He took our shame, infirmities, curse, poverty etc...

From that Sunday onwards, I constantly reminded myself that I AM the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus; When I felt pain in my leg, when I stumbled (sinned) or when I felt everything is going wrong for me, I just reminded myself of my righteousness in Christ.

One rainy night, as I was sleeping, or should I say, trying to sleep, the pain in my knee joint was simply unbearable. I guess it was the rainy weather that causes that rheumatism feel in my left knee.

I was tossing and turning and the pain was still there. In desperation, I reminded myself (and God) that I am the righteousness of God in Christ and asked Father God to heal me. Immediately after that, I felt I had to keep still and wait upon Him.

While still lying on the bed, I sensed what felt like a high voltage heat placed near my affected knee. I was closing my eyes at that time and I just spoke in tongues while the heat was hovering over my left knee.

After about 3-5 mins, I felt the heat moved away. I laid there for another min or so and I made a bold move to kick with my left leg, hard, into the air. (Bold because it would hurt like xxxx on any given day!)

Voila! there was no pain! I thought I was being delirious, so I quickly jumped out of my bed and did scissors jumps and kicked with my left leg again! No pain! I knew I was healed when I sensed the heat on my knee. But the confirmation was always sweet!

I jumped back on bed, woke up my missus and told her what happened. She was probably too blur then but she soon realised what was happening and was giving thanks to God as well.

Knowing our position in Christ is sooooo important. Now when I take my communion, it's no longer an act of religiousity but remembering Him and what He accomplished on the Cross for me! He paid the price for my sins and fallen nature, so I NEED NOT PAY AGAIN!

My healing took place 17 years after I got injured. My only regret was that I didn't realise my position in Christ any earlier...

Hallelujah! As this is my 4th anniversary of my healing, I am proud to say that Jesus is faithful all these years.

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Friday, 8 December 2006

The love of God knows no bounds!

Ever since I realised that God had already punished my sins on the body of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, I wake up everyday with the renewed hope, courage and faith to draw closer to Him.

Had I continued with the false belief that He was still angry with me (for my seemingly never-ending list of sins, blunders, shortcomings), I honestly won't even have the guts to step into a church again, let alone pray to Him.

His Grace is definitely sufficient for me! Hahaha...

I'm not being irreverent by laughing. Just that I remembered when I was still a cocky teenager and when we sang the song "Jehovah Jireh, my provider" back in my former youth meetings, I actually looked down on God's grace for me!

Before you crucify me, let me explain: At that time, I felt that word was rather 'soft'. In fact, it was such a 'ku-niang' word (Hokkien : feminine) that even girls would use that word for a name! So how could an alpha male like me possibly need grace? Give me 'power' and 'authority' anytime.

Sadly, it had always been like that for me; always about what I can do for God, always what I can sacrifice for God; always focused on my works rather than His perfect and finished work at the Cross for my life! My hands cannot even save me from anything and yet all I ever did was to try and "Love the Lord your God with all your might and heart and mind and soul".

Had I known that only Jesus can fulfil this command to perfection, I'd have rested easy and just let Him do all the loving as He continually resides in me.

There are simply too many inaccurate interpretations of bible verses throughout my Christian life which had robbed me of the blessings that God had purposed in my life. I hope that through my sharings in the coming entries, that perhaps, you too will be blessed.

Shalom one and all.

Greatly Blessed, Highly Favoured, Deeply Loved